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As an expert in market and financial research, MRP is deeply rooted in the Middle East and North Africa covering more than 90 sub-sectors in more than 20 countries. We service small and medium sized enterprises as well as financial institutions, government entities, large corporate structures and consultancy firms.


Market research

  • Foresee market size & growth
  • Understand consumer needs
  • React faster to market changes
  • Expand into new geographies
  • Expand with new product lines
  • Develop competitive edge
  • Focus on change – “What’s next!”

Financial research

  • Accurately project business activity
  • Anticipate revenues
  • Control costs
  • Assess profitability levels
  • Understand company’s value drivers
  • Secure proper funding structures
  • Maximize return on investment


  • Unique business model
  • MENA reach and presence
  • Value and team
Our integrated field and desk research services aim at aligning your strategic goals with market realities. We help you assess growth within your market environment and transform your vision into a financially viable model.

Our expertise in research is complemented by our regional focus and local presence to guarantee an outstanding outcome to all our clients.

The highest value in our firm is set on our team members’ expertise and their ethics and integrity in business dealings. Our culture stands for a continuous pursuit of excellence to help you convert your vision into a prosperous reality.


Research and analytics combined to reach conclusive and actionable decisions


Aggregating accurate data


Converting data into insights


Providing actionable insights

Reports generated
Regular clients
Countries of operation

Market research products

Market studies

  • Market assessment
  • Commercial due diligence
  • Sector prioritization
  • Geographic prioritization
  • Economic views and global trends
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Company profiling

Market surveys

  • Mystery shopping
  • Client satisfaction and loyalty
  • Advertising focus groups
  • Product testing
  • Concept validation
  • Brand awareness surveys
  • Usage and attitude surveys

Financial research products

Financial studies

  • Business valuations
  • Feasibility studies
  • Review of feasibility studies
  • Teasers and pitchbooks
  • Business plans
  • Support in due diligence
  • Budgeting and projections

Investment research

  • Modeling and valuations
  • Comparables valuation
  • Target identification
  • Acquirer identification
  • Equity research
  • Full-time analyst secondments
  • M&A advisory mandate support


While the economies of the Middle East and North Africa are witnessing disruptive innovations and transformational events, success lies in a deep understanding of the new market dynamics and exceptional decision-making skills.

In our quest to contribute to sustainable growth in the region, our team of business, market and investment analysts combines local expertise with broad capabilities to help you identify opportunities and understand strategic choices in an increasingly complex environment.

The integration of our Research – Analyze – Recommend approach to data and insights is intended to customize our services to your needs and help you navigate business realities. Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, reports are reviewed and optimized by our market and financial specialists to guarantee a holistic overview and an outstanding outcome.

Our engagement models are flexible and provide a distinct and bespoke service: we operate on ad-hoc basis, leading on projects from inception to completion, or work as an integral part of your team through a retainer engagement. Our final aim is to assist your in-house resources with the tools and data necessary for strategic decisions, planning and execution.

Our pragmatic approach mixed with our confidence in the potential of the MENA region is bound to make the changes of today redefine tomorrow.

Our team

Anthony Hobeika

Chief Executive Officer

Walid Hayeck

Chief Strategy Officer

Walid Eid

Market Research

Maya Turk

Financial Research

Sana Toukan

Sector Research


We are available to answer all of your inquiries.

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