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A Winning 360 Approach

MENA Research Partners combines market research and financial research
under one roof and provides a one stop customer-centric approach.

Market Research


  • Understand your consumer needs
  • React faster to market changes
  •  Start your business successfully
  • Expand into new geographies with low-risks
  •  Head the market with your new product lines
  • Create competitive advantage
  • Focus on change – “What’s next!”

Financial Research


  • Articulate your equity story and support management decisions
  • Understand the financial dynamics of your business
  • Anticipate your business profitability and expected returns
  • Understand the business valuation of your company
  • Secure proper financing structures
  • Maximize your revenues and profits
  • Stay on top of your financial challenges

 A Holistic Approach to Research

To delve deep into the insights of the MENA’s complex business environment factoring in its distinct political and economic conditions, research would require not only skills but also a deep knowledge of the region itself.  At MRP, we went further integrating desk, primary and financial research under one roof. Our integrated holistic approach to research is tailored to bring you the most actionable data in a timely manner.


Our senior consultants review requirements and formulate a customized strategy to acquire a high quality, cost-efficient, and validated data set that will yield a path to an actionable plan.


Insights are generated out of collected data and benchmarked against local, regional and global figures and validated by an additional round of due diligence.


You will receive a clear and actionable report defining your business’s optimal positioning in the market enabling you to make informed decisions that maximize results.

Our Service Lines

We have combined market and financial research under one roof. Each on its own will give your business a boost but collectively they offer a 360 approach to business evaluation.

Market Visibility

Deep dive into the intricacies of your customers with the support of our market researchers.

Financial Stability

Stay on top of your financial challenges and create a business plan that would enhance your bottom line at every turn.

Winning Strategy

Reach a champion position using our integrated 360 approach which combines market insights and financial expertise.

Our Services

We combine our expertise and deep understanding of the MENA region to provide an integrated service offer. Our holistic approach to assessing your business needs ensures an outstanding and unique outcome.

Market Studies

  • Market feasibility studies
  • Commercial due diligence
  • Sector Prioritization
  • Geographic Prioritization
  • Macroeconomic views and global strategic trends
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Company Profiling

Market Surveys

  • Mystery Shopping
  • Client Satisfaction and Loyalty Analysis
  • Advertisement Testing
  • Pricing Research
  • Product Testing
  • Concept Validation
  • Brand Awareness and Image Surveys
  • Usage, Habits and Attitudes Surveys

Financial Research

  • Financial Modeling
  • Business valuations
  • Financial Feasibility Studies
  • Review of Feasibility Studies
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Business Plans
  • Investor Presentations: Pitch Books and Investment Teasers
  • Information Memoranda
  • Financial Markets Coverage / Asset Allocation
  • Equity / Fixed Income Research

Reports Generated

Satisfied Clients

Country Operations

About Us

History of Success in Delivering Results

In the Middle East and North Africa region, while economies are witnessing structural changes and transformational visions marked by disruptive technologies and innovation, success lies in a deep understanding of the new market dynamics and exceptional decision-making skills.

In our quest to contribute to sustainable growth in the region, our team of business, market and investment analysts combines local expertise with broad capabilities to help you identify opportunities and understand strategic choices in an increasingly complex and challenging environment.

The integration of our Collect – Analyze – Act approach to data and insights is intended to customize our services to your needs and help you navigate business realities.  Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, reports are reviewed and optimized by our market and financial specialists to guarantee a holistic overview and an outstanding outcome.

Our engagement models are flexible and provide a distinct and bespoke service: we operate on ad-hoc basis, leading on projects from inception to completion, or work as an integral part of your team through a retainer engagement, assisting your in-house resources with the tools and data necessary for strategic decisions, planning and execution.

Our pragmatic approach mixed with our confidence in the potential of the MENA region is bound to make the changes of today redefine tomorrow.

Anthony Hobeika

Chief Executive Officer

Walid Hayeck

Chief Strategy Officer

Walid Eid

Market Research

Maya Turk

Financial Research

Sana Toukan

Sector Research

Mohamad Issa

Sector Research

Vanessa Azzi


Hadi Zaatiti

Graphic Design

Our Clients

We are continuously proud to share in our customers’ success stories.



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Jane Peros

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Harvey Ross


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